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Angela Darge

Let me introduce myself to you, show you who I am today and what made me that way. Express my motives, why I do what I do, and what you can expect from me.

I ask myself the question “Who am I?” oftentimes and the answer changes with experience.

  • I help people find their way to a fulfilling life, despite adverse circumstances; should I therefore define myself as a coach?
  • I make music and write lyrics, am I therefore a musician and a songwriter?
  • I teach Tai Chi and meditation, does that mean that I am above all things and zen all the times?

We often define ourselves by what we do, and our environment hears coach or musician, shopkeeper or accountant (I was both), has a picture before their eyes and thinks it knows you now. Yet it may only be a temporary occupation that says little about how or who we are.  We are all much more than what we currently do as a profession or even vocation and have many facets, some even seeming to contradict each other on the outside.

But the questions that (should) occupy us again and again and whose answer says something about us, our character and our reactions to life are quite different:

  • What do we want from life, where do we stand?
  • Are we satisfied with the way our life is going or do we want to change it?
  • Are we happy, satisfied, fulfilled or anxious, searching, angry? 
  • Do we take control of our lives or do we feel like victims? 

No one is always happy and satisfied or anxious and hesitant with their life, most of the time we are somewhere on the scale between poles. The answers show a tendency and there is a way to more joy of life and inner peace on every level.

What I believe in

He who believes himself at the goal, goes back 

said Laozi, the founder of Taoism, and I believe that we all have a path in life that gives us the opportunity to develop our full potential if we take the right steps, cheerfully accept new things and do not believe that we have already reached our goal in the middle of life. Then we do not have a long life, but a long death.

I believe with Einstein that we live in a loving universe that is interested in us expanding our consciousness. 

There is tremendous potential in every human being, just waiting to be discovered, and that it is we ourselves who set limits on what is possible or not, what we are allowed and able to do or not.  

We can make our world a better, happier world if we recognize and question these self-imposed limits. 90% of what we believe to be true is not our thoughts, but opinions of our parents , friends, internet or rules of society. When we question, we find out that what we thought was impossible, was just an idea in our head and does not correspond to reality. 

What you can expect from me

Because of these beliefs, I accompany people who want to master difficult situations in their life and develop to their full potential. Everybody has his own histyory and your path is not mine, so there is no one recipe for happiness, but we can work together. I can help you ask the right questions and propose spiritual and practical tools that allow you to define your own values, desires and happiness. So you are able to live a fulfilled and free life. 

With all spirituality, I am down to earth, pragmatic and clear, and always ask myself two questions: 

  • How does what I believe affect my life in the long term?
  • Does it bring more joy and lightness into my life or does it make life difficult for me?

Whatever does not serve my purpose and goals in life, I let go, and you can ask the same questions and choose to let go of things that make life difficult for you, and choose what helps you achieve your goals and happiness in life.

Never forget that you are the master of your life.


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