The benefits of Tai Chi


All movements are executed in relaxation, without force but alive. They alternate between stretching the whole body and releasing to bring everything back to its center. We inhale on the stretch and exhale on the release and this leads to muscle relaxation.


By associating abdominal breathing with movements, the diaphragm is solicited and activated. As the perineum is also associated with this exercise, the entire abdominal strap is strengthened. Breathing becomes deeper and calms the mind. By synchronizing body movements with breathing techniques, Tai Chi helps to reduce stress.


Also called deep sensitivity, proprioception is the ability of everyone to consciously or not perceive the placement of the parts of their body in space. Through our upbringing and lifestyle, many people have lost this ability. Sports practice, especially by making slow movements and with full awareness, practitioners improve this ability. It is essential for a good balance.

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